Executive Director Notes


Spring 2013

Monday, April 01, 2013

When I was a full time minister I was used to hearing what I'd call "faith phrases". That is, sentiments that were too often spouted in almost sing song fashion until they began to lack meaning.

One that we spoke and heard a good deal was this: "We are welcomed and welcoming." It's actually a great challenge to be almost radically inclusive and open in our community or communities. In truth we are only as good as our last day and we are never guaranteed to always be welcoming - at least that's what I used to say. Outside of organized or not so organized religion, being welcoming is simply a great way to live and this is a cornerstone of AccesSport. I wish more of us were deliberate in living this way. 

I don't want our community that is AccesSportAmerica to ever drop our guard in being first and foremost a great community which feels like home. We are also a community which, for lack of a better phrase, feels like hope. Our culture of trainers and athletes is such that remind ourselves daily in subtle and not so subtle ways of the importance of being a true community. We need to be inviting of people who are terribly isolated and in need of a place to which they can belong for life. 

Our mission is to gain higher function and offer hope to people living with significant challenges. In many ways, that is a mission for all of us. Regardless, function without belonging and the joy of a community is worthless. We are rolling out a new website that is welcoming and representative of who we hope to be. I hope you will feel our community's strengths as you go through our site and graphics that are warm, photographs of triumph, and information that leads to program and support, stirring and miraculous moments that sneak up on us without fanfare. 


Ross Lilley
President/Executive Director