Executive Director Notes


Spring 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

How does one take on a "title"? Some are bestowed, such as "Knight of the Round Table" or "Kung Foo Master" and others are earned such as "Doctor", "Senator", or "Innovator".

Some may self-appoint these monikers but most of us can tell who's self-promoting and who's more humble. Other titles are bold but appropriate for people to give themselves. I believe it's fine to say one is an "Entrepreneur", "Watch Dog", or "Inventor". 

I'd like to claim two of those titles for our program staff: Innovators and Inventors. We have been called innovators by most of our colleagues in medical, educational, and sports fields. We've also been labeled as inventors, but we could have easily put that title on ourselves. We've created dozens of adaptations, training devices, and teaching systems to bring people living with challenges into more function and fun. Supporters and friends like you help us bring innovation and invention into practice. Much of what we do is funded through our major events, such as our Mayor's Cup Regatta, our Auction for AccesSport, and our recently added AccesSport Marathon next fall. Our funding also rests on great partners who see the results of our innovations in finding higher function and bringing hope into so many lives. 

We hope you'll join our community of supporters. If you do, you will see great advances in our In School Curriculum which is now ready for school systems across the country. We're also ready to put more gait training devices into practice in our gym program. And lastly, we've created two new means to teach Stand Up Paddling and Windsurfing for any ability. 

People who support us do so because they know we have changed and will continue to change the ways we rehabilitate and find higher function. Join us. 


Ross Lilley
President/Executive Director