Executive Director Notes


Summer 2012 - Letter From the Program Director

Friday, June 01, 2012

Nate Berry, AccesSportAmerica Program Director offered an overview of our programs during the 2012 All-Teams Kick Off at Royal Sonesta Hotel Boston. We thought you would also enjoy.

Hi Everyone! We'd like to start by thanking everyone for your generosity; we would not be able to offer our programs without your support. This isn't just the kickoff for the regatta but it's also the unofficial kickoff of our summer! We're all geared up for a busy season, at the height of which we will have seven programs running concurrently. These include programs in partnership with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Camp Harbor View, Massachusetts Hospital School, Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism, the Oak Square YMCA, CORSE Foundation, and Perkins School for the Blind. Through these programs, we are reaching over 1,700 athletes annually.

Not only do we have a busy summer but, through our year-round City Street and Training programs, we are kept on our toes during the winter as well! Our City Street program reaches a population that is severely underserved - children from the Boston Public Schools. Unfortunately this tends to be a population that struggles financially, and therefore doesn't have access to as many opportunities as others. During the school year--October through April --we offer our Conditioning & Soccer program during the school day at four Public Schools reaching students in twelve Special Education classrooms. In the Spring, we take these students from the same classrooms to paddle in our outrigger canoes at the pier at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Finally, over the summer many of our students have the opportunity to be campers at Camp Harbor View, under the direction of the Boys & Girls Club of Boston, on Long Island in the Boston Harbor. Here they can paddle, windsurf and/or play soccer with AccesSport as well as participate in numerous art and theater projects among many other camp activities. A truly special connection is made with these children because we see each other on such a consistent basis--school and camp. With your support, City Street and all our programs will continue to thrive and grow. 

The Regatta is a really fun way to support all that AccesSport does. The key to these races is team unity; the best chance your team has to do well is for everyone to be working together. This gets right to the heart of AccesSport - everyone working to the best of their ability and all contributing toward a common goal. No one person is valued any more or less than the next. On race day, July 15th, please remember to bring your competitive spirits as well as your best team costumes! 

To each of you, thank you very much for helping to make our entire year so exciting. 

Nathaniel Berry
Program Director

Nathaniel Berry has been with AccesSportAmerica since 2002, serving a year as a volunteer, quickly becoming a team leader, and for the last seven years as Program Director. Nate has been instrumental in designing and implementing programs/training regimens at all of our sites. He is indefatigable in his efforts to urge our athletes to higher function. His spirit is infectious in the way he inspires all trainers/instructors to get the most out of each session. Nate's responsibilities include overseeing programs at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Camp Harbor View, Massachusetts Hospital School, Boston Public Schools, and the YMCA. A graduate of St. Michael's University, Nate is National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) Certified Personal Trainer. Nate is also an American Red Cross Certified Life Guard. AccesSportAmerica is greatly enhanced by his leadership and commitment. 


Ross Lilley
President/Executive Director