A New Fundraising Program for AccesSportAmerica

People anywhere, doing almost anything can be part of the challenge. To accept the challenge, submit your idea to and we'll help you design a challenge. A personalized donation page will be made for you to raise funds (minimum of $250 needs to be raised). A special Challenge t-shirt will be sent to you. Take a picture, wearing the t-shirt and holding a sign that says your challenge i.e. “I paddled 5 miles in a kayak.”  We will post all the pictures on our website.  

Gallery of Challenges

Connor Shea windsurfed upwind from Martha's Vineyard to Cuttyhunk Island and then back.Mike Cook completed a 23-mile ride (with over 1,500 ft of vertical climb) in 1 hour, 37 minutes followed by a 4.5-mile S.U.P. in 1 hour, 28 minutes
Mark Scheier played racquetball for 5 hours against 4 opponents. 462 points were played and he raised over $750!Ross Lilley dribbled a soccer ball 13.4 miles through the parks and streets of Kihei in Maui in two and half hours.
Susan Halby donated $50 for every workout she missed as she attempted to get into shape over the summer.Pam Rogers, Jeannie Neble and Meredith Goldthwait walked the perimeter of Martha's Vineyard in 3 days, 60 miles, 28 hours and raised over $3,500.