50 in 50 Challenge!

The 50 in 50 Challenge is back for 2021!   

The second year of the 50 in 50 Challenge will officially begin on July 18th, 2021 and run through Labor Day (September 6th).  More details and registration will be available soon!

Thank you! During the summer of 2020, 41 athletes of all abilities raised more than $18,000, completing over 1,500 miles and 25,000 vertical feet over 50 days. Athletes completed an average of nearly 70 miles each - 8 even completed more than 100 miles!   

Participants completed 50 miles over 50 days doing one or more activities of their choosing. If their personal challenge couldn't be measured in miles, they measured their progress in multiples of 50.  Alone, in groups, or as a family activity everyone found unique ways to challenge themselves.  There were some great activities!

Check out some of these creative challenges.

  • Nate biked 10 miles a day, and despite missing 6 days reached 510 miles total.
  • One athlete completed 50 new rock climbing routes throughout New England. 
  • Stefan performed 5,000 burpees in 50 days. 
  • Chris had knee replacement surgery and completed a mile or more each day, either walking, biking, or kayaking to rehab his knee. 
  • One athlete rowed and rode over 100 miles between treatment sessions. 
  • Another combined biking 3 - 6 miles per day, 5 days per week with kayaking 3- 6 miles per week, AND walked 1 - 2 miles per day 3 - 4 times per week!

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