Executive Director Notes


Happy Hopeful Holidays

Monday, December 21, 2020

AccesSport is a community of hope and optimism. We’ve said this at basically every event and I’ve put something about hope in almost every blog or letter I’ve written. We truly know that this program works. People find more function and a place in this larger family - and have fun. Our history gives us confidence in the techniques and equipment we develop. This was never truer than in last March.

In that first shutdown, few people could imagine how we’d offer our unique programming. Fortunately, we had a new virtual system that had been six years in the making. We designed this as a virtual supplement to in person training. But within a week of that shutdown, we re-tooled our innovative system to become our primary training tool. Our history and the hope of AccesSport gave us the confidence to tell our schools and our gait training athletes not to despair. We had a program that would keep them all in good shape and keep us all connected. Every one of our schools and everyone in our Gait Trainer program was connected and able to train with us by the last week of March.

Since then, we’ve posted 99 training videos and accumulated a library of close to 60 exercises in our system to show different variations for each ability. The system is effective and will be a part of our program in the long term as well. We also created a safe paddling program last summer and a distanced cycling program that is going year-round on rail trails!

In short, this season of hope and this Christmas make us grateful for our community and your support. Expecting good outcomes and doing our work with confidence only happens because we have so many people behind us and believing in us. Thank you for being there for us and for being a part of us.