Executive Director Notes


Happy Hopeful Holidays

Monday, December 21, 2020

AccesSport is a community of hope and optimism. We’ve said this at basically every event and I’ve put something about hope in almost every blog or letter I’ve written. We truly know that this program works. People find more function and a place in this larger family - and have fun. Our history gives us confidence in the techniques and equipment we develop. This was never truer than in last March.  Read More

How It All Started

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

We’re coming into our 25th year in 2020. This is remarkable considering how this was built from nothing. I remember the first meeting of volunteers back in 1995. I had been adapting and teaching windsurfing to people with disabilities for about 10 years already. We just had really good media exposure with a Globe cover story about Josh and my windsurfing marathons and Dr. Tim Johnson’s great piece about our family on Good Morning America. All of the sudden, people were interested in helping us out and wanting to volunteer.   Read More