Executive Director Notes


Winter/Spring 2016

Thursday, February 18, 2016

We used to have an “Off Season” much like in professional sport. Back in the mid-1990’s our summers would be incredibly busy with 10-12 instructors/trainers. Once September came up, we’d let our bodies, minds, and our adaptations/equipment recover. We’d spend the winter planning for the next summer and dream of ways to include more people with even higher challenges in our sports. Now the summers are even busier with over 20 trainers in the height of our summer season and hundreds of athletes coming to us each day. The fall and winter are about as busy as our summers, and the training has become incredibly intense.

We have no “Off Season,” but we don’t want it or need it. We have programs in Boston Public Schools, The Cotting School, our Function and Fitness programs at the YMCA and with our friends at Supportive Living in Lexington, as well as our Tennis and Conditioning program at Harvard. In each of these settings we feel an excitement that fuels all of us. We are ‘jazzed’ up each day because our methodology is truly working. Our In-School program is innovative and truly remarkable. We’ve figured out a way to train people who need one-on-one attention in a group setting. That is, our curriculum excites and drives students/athletes to train with lower and more affordable ratios with fewer trainers. Our goal is to train teachers and para-professionals to train their students without the cost of having our trainers in their schools on a daily basis. We have created a system that will work so school systems can train people living with significant challenges as they need to train.

We are even more energized by the success of our Gait trainer and gait training protocol. Following last summer’s mini study in which four participants showed improvement (some almost doubling their gait/walk speed) we revised the design of our device. We are now using the trainer more broadly in our program. Athletes improve incredibly quickly. Nothing we’ve done in over 15 years of training has made such a dramatic improvement in how people walk/run.

In short, “Off Season” or our “Season off the water” is a fantastic time of year. Take a look at our website and all of our offerings. Become a part of this community and help us celebrate all seasons.

Ross Lilley,
President/Executive Director