In-School Sports & Conditioning Program (currently providing virtual programming during the COVID-19 Pandemic)

AccesSportAmerica has been working with the Boston Public Schools, providing them with an extensive soccer and conditioning program, for more than 15 years. We generally work with the high school population, as they attend for seven years (until age 22). This way our staff has the opportunity to really get to know the students well, and help install routine and an important sense of athleticism and health for life. This program has expanded over the years, and can now be used in both gym and classroom settings. We have modified it so that even on days we cannot be at the schools, the teachers can facilitate these programs in the classroom. Our goals are to get students' heart rates elevated for a minimum of thirty minutes daily, for students to view themselves as athletes, to feel good about being part of a team, and have fun while doing so.

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our In-School Program to include Professional Sports Collaborations.   We are fortunate to work with several of Boston's pro teams and use their expertise to inspire our athletes to train at higher levels. 

2019 Professional Sports Collaborations

We are fortunate to work with several of the Boston professional teams and use their expertise to inspire our kathletes to train at higher levels. Soccer has been the sport of choice in our In-School program for the past 20 years. Now, with the help of several of our Championship professional teams we are applying are additional game systems and adaptions to add more sports to our year around efforts in the schools.  In the Spring of 2019, in partnership with Boston Celtic Terry Rozier and his 12 Blessings Foundation, we launched the adaptive basketball portion of our in-school curriculum.   The 2019-2020 school year also will include football and hockey components. 

Adaptive Basketball and Terry Rozier (12 Blessings Foundation)

During his time with the Boston Celtics, Terry Rozier helped us create a basketball curriculum for use with our In School program. His charity, 12 Blessings, and AccesSport have worked on program that challenges youth living with disabilities to higher conditioning using basketball as the incentive. Terry and his trainer, Ant Wells, consult regularly on drills and games which make each participant a highly valued part of their team. Terry also visits the program with special clinics at various Boston Public Schools.  As in all AccesSport program props and adaptations provide dramatic sensory incentive to succeed in basketball.  

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have a special relationship with AccesSportAmerica. Not only is coach Bill Belichick an Honorary Board member, but the Patriots work with AccesSport on conditioning curriculum and our annual football clinic. The curriculum is for use in our In School program using football as incentive for conditioning our athletes. The clinic is held each May at Harvard Stadium where members of the Patriots help run drills and celebrate the over 200 athletes with whom we train each year in Boston Public Schools and our In School program.

Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins have long supported our In School program. this year we have consulted with the Bruins on a hockey segment for use in our In School program. This fall, we will implement this curriculum into Boston Public Schools and the athletes with whom we train. The focus will be on incentives provided by street hockey.  

Our current partner schools are: 

 Soccer and conditioning session at English High in Jamaica Plain