Specialized Equipment

AccesSport adapts and/or creates its own equipment. Our windsurfing adaptations have been nationally recognized. We apply this same expertise to our other high-challenge sports. Our intent is to accommodate any person of any ability to various degrees of independence in their chosen sport.

We own close to fifty windsurfers, rowers, kayaks and other watercraft for our programs at sites within New England, Florida and California. We also own close to forty adaptive cycles and rolling craft for land activities. 

The AccesSportAmerica Gait Trainer was invented by our staff and Ross Lilley. A provisional patent has been filed on this revolutionary device which helps athletes train with perfect form on treadmills. The device gives uniform and perfect stride, adjustments for hip and knee flexion, as well as knee extension. Over the next year we’re hoping for more widespread use in the Boston area.


Olympic rower/manufacturer Gary Piantedosi continues to collaborate with us to develop and improve all of our adaptations and to pioneer new equipment. We've designed and manufactured over thirty adaptive devices. These innovations range from seats to standers to bent paddles to hand hooks all of which are used in a wide range of sports.


Year Description
1986 Foam outrigger system, Windrigger, for stabilizing windsurfing boards
1995 First swivel windsurfing seat using roller bearings
First windsurfing land trainer for seated windsurfing
Catamaran-style windsurfer with swivel seat
Hand hooks for windsurfing for those with low grip strength/ability
Rotating windsurf stander
1996 Sliding and rotating windsurfing seat
Catamaran-style tandem windsurfer capable of holding two windsurfers and more sail area
1997 Airplane brace, arm and hook for windsurfing
Rotating windsurf stander with sliding mast track *
Side by side rowing rig for use on catamaran rig *
1998 One arm outrigger paddle on whip for return assist
Rotating seat with sliding mast track *
Double in-line rowing rig with connected seating for use on catamaran "rowing needle" or shell *
2001 Cycling footplates
2005 Designed tandem recumbent cycle with Organic Engines
2008 Bent outrigger paddle for hemiplegia
2009 Cycling footplates with abductor bar for keeping knees/legs apart while cycling *
2010 Trail behind recumbent trike connected to traditional cycle
2011 Stand up paddling "rack" stabilizing system
2013 Bent outrigger paddle for two handed paddling regardless of weak side strength
2016 Patent filed on AccesSportAmerica Gait Trainer

* Developed in collaboration with Olympic Rower/Manufacturer Gary Piantedosi in 2001